UV07 Control Handle is the heart of UVcan control system. It is not only a joystick. It has all electronics necessary for controlling hydraulic valves built right into it, enclosed with a durable aluminium enclosure. The hydraulic valve's solenoids can be directly connected to UV07, without a need for a separate controller. Thanks to a powerful processor, all outputs are proportional, current controlled closed-loop outputs. By using current-control, UV07 can compensate the differences of temperature, solenoid resistance, and battery voltage variations, resulting in a precise operations in all situations. UV07 can drive any hydraulic valve which is controlled with a high power current, signal PWM, or even CAN-bus controlled valves, regardless of the valve manufacturer. It can also drive commonly used Danfoss PVEM or PVEU valves.

UV07 is meant for a professional use. The position of the joystick is measured with contactless HAL-effect sensors. They are durable and reliable, and since they don't have any mechanical contacts, they won't wear out even under heavy usage.

The electronics are powered by a rock solid, industry standard ARM Cortex-M3 processor, accompanied with 10 proportional solenoid outputs and various input modules, such as analog voltage and current inputs and a temperature sensor input. With these, the UV07 can be used to create any kind of sophisticated vehicle control system with a minimal amount of components.

The UV07 Handle is configured with UV0D touchscreen display. Parameters can be set for up to four operators. Some, but not all, configurable parameters consists of:

  • Valve solenoid parameters
    • Minimum current in milliamperes
    • Maximum current in milliamperes
    • Acceleration and deceleration in percents
    • Direction invertion
  • An "operator" is a matter of subject. Even if the vehicle would be used only by a single driver, he/she can create multiple "operators" for storing different parameters for different use cases of the machine. For example, a forestry crane control system might need to have different settings for the crane depending if a harvester head or a log grapple is attached to the crane.

Height 143 mm
Width 76 mm
Sensor technology HAL-effect
Supply voltage 8 - 30 V DC
Maximum current per output channel 2200 mA
Axis count 3
Outputs 10 current outputs, or 5 ratiometric voltage outputs
Output type Proportional, current controlled (closed-loop)
Inputs 2 Digital voltage inputs, 2 Analog voltage inputs 0-5 V, 1 current input 0-20 mA, 1 PT100 Temperature sensor input
Communication protocols CAN-bus, CANopen protocol
IP-rating IP67
Material Stainless steel, anodized aluminum and ABS
UV07 Leaflet uv07_en.pdf
Datasheet uv07_datasheet.pdf
Physical Dimensions uv07_dimensions.pdf