Control system for harvester heads

A cost-effective control system for harvester heads in machinery no longer in daily use Usevolt’s control system offers a cost-effective way to make used harvester heads operational again. The control system has been designed to make the use and control of the harvester head as simple and easy as possible. The system configurations and the information used for marking the cross-cuttings can be changed by the operator.

“My old machine’s gauge broke. I thought I would have to get a whole new gauge to make the old machine functional again, which would not have been sensible cost-wise. Fortunately, Usevolt proved me wrong.”

- Customer


  • Length and thickness measurement and dicing
  • Tree species and wood product type selection
  • Suitable for both stroke harvesters and harvesters with rollers
  • Saw control

The Usevolt control system is designed to provide an easy-to-use, cost-effective way to upgrade older machinery with a new control device. The control system is not compatible with the StanForD communication standard or the Finnish timber measurement act (414/2013). Information from the control system should not be used for billing.

We are here to help you! Together, we can design a harvester head control system that is just right for your specific machinery.

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Control system for harvester heads

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