Excavator bucket spinners

Upgrade your button-controlled tilt to a roller-controlled one

With the Usevolt control system, you can transform your old button-controlled tiltrotator to a roller-controlled one. This allows you to control the machine with higher precision and more smoothly, but also makes it possible to use new tools, such as forklift forks. This cost-effective upgrade can be completed within a single working day.

“I was able to start using a forklift fork smoothly with my old button-operated tiltrotator without buying a new tilt.”

- Customer


Here are some of our most requested features that can easily be implemented with the help of the Usevolt control system:

  • Possibility to control roller systems with two rollers
  • Control of wheel with one roller
  • Upgrading a button-controlled tilt to a roller-controlled one without changing the hydraulic valves on the tiltrotator.
  • Control of bidirectional hydraulic breakers (e.g. tree shears)
  • Safe activation of the bucket lock with the help of the UV0D touch screen and control handles, without a separate lock switch
  • The pliers and the auxiliary hydraulic line that runs through the tilt can be duplicated to the tilt and swivel rollers with the press of a button

We are here to help you! Together, we can design a tiltrotator control system that is just right for your specific machinery.

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