UV1F Valve controller

Precise Control

UV1F valve controller is our biggest hydraulic valve controller. Durable aluminum enclosure and waterproof connectors ensure reliable operation. UV1F is programmable via UV0D touchscreen as all other our controllers, without computer or external software required.

UV1F has an integrated RGD led that tells the state of the controller always when power is plugged on. It makes easier to detect different fault conditions even when the connection to UV1F controller is lost.

Waterproof connectors with golden contacts

Durable aluminum enclosure

Attachment via 3 M6 allen head screws


The electronics of UV1F controller are powered by a rock solid, industry standard ARM Cortex-M3 processor, accompanied with up to 18 proportional solenoid outputs and various input modules, such as analog voltage and current inputs and a temperature sensor input. With these, the UV1F can be used to create any kind of sophisticated vehicle control system with a minimal amount of components.

The UV1F valve controller is configured with UV0D touchscreen display. Parameters can be set for up to four operators. Some, but not all, configurable parameters consists of:

Valve solenoid parameters

  • Minimum current in milliamperes
  • Maximum current in milliamperes
  • Acceleration and deceleration in percents
  • Direction invertion

Technical Specifications

Height 110 mm
Width 120 mm
Depth 35 mm
Supply Voltage 8 – 30 V DC
Valve max current 2300 mA
Number of outputs 16 current outputs
Output type Proportional, current controlled (closed-loop), high-side
Inputs 10 digital inputs 0 – 30 V, 6 analog inputs 0 – 5 V
Communications CAN-bus, CANopen protocol
IP-rating IP67
Material Anodized aluminum, ABS