Forestry loaders

Easy-to-use forest trailer control system

The Usevolt control system was originally created to be used specifically with forest trailers. It is compatible with a variety of forestry machines, forest trailers designed for use with tractors, harvesters and other forestry equipment. The system has been designed with particular attention to ease of use and installation, without compromising on features. The movements of the loader arm can be easily adjusted with the help of a UV0D touch screen.

“I wanted a solution that would allow easy adjustments without a computer or a smartphone. Even for a senior citizen such as myself, Usevolt proved easy to use.”

- Customer


Here are some of our most requested features that can easily be implemented with the help of the Usevolt control system:

  • Control of the frame joint, either duplicated for one of the handle movements or for a separate mini lever
  • Reversing the control direction of the frame joint when the seat is turned
  • Screen control
  • Proportional control of support legs
  • Disconnecting the loader when turning the seat
  • Adjusting the master speed for all movements with e.g. a potentiometer or from the display
  • Controlling a tractive forestry trailer’s power transmission
  • Control of cabin or bogie tilt
  • Sensorless tip control

We are here to help you! Together, we can design a trailer control system that is just right for your specific machinery.

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Forestry loaders

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