UV1A Hydraulic Controller

Hydraulic Controller

UV1A Hydraulic Controller works together with UV07 Control Handle to create a state-of-the-art control system for the most demanding applications. When either UV07‘s 10 proportional solenoid outputs are not enough, or it’s not applicable to wire the solenoid wires all the way from the hydraulic valve to the UV07 Control Handle in to the cabin, UV1A is the answer. It works as a I/O expansion module controlled via the CAN-bus, simplifying the wire harness greatly. Only CAN-bus cables are necessary to route from the cabin to the hydraulic valve.

Anodized Aluminium Enclosure.

Reliable operation with golden contacts.

Drives up to 16 proportional solenoids.


The possibilities of creating a top-class control systems are unlimited with UV1A. For example a forest crane with a harvester head can be controlled easily by giving the responsibility of driving the harvester head’s hydraulic valves to UV1A. Only CAN-bus is necessary to route all the way through the crane to the harvester head, reducing the wire count greatly and making maintenance as easy as it should be.

Technical specifications

Supply voltage8 – 30 V DC
Temperature range-30 … 80 °C
Maximum current per output channel2500 mA
OutputsUp to 16 solenoid outputs
Output typeProportional, current controlled (closed-loop)
Inputs2 Analog current inputs (0 … 20 mA)
Communication protocolsCAN-bus, CANopen protocol
MaterialAnodized aluminum